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I may have been conceived out there in the endless depths of space… But I was born when the Rocket opened, on Earth, in America. I’ll cherish always the memories Jor-El and Lara gave me… But only as curious mementos of a life that might have been. Krypton bred me, but it was Earth that gave me all I am. All that matters. It was Krypton that made me Superman… But it is the Earth that makes me Human! -Superman, The Man of Steel

ACTOR MEME: Henry Cavill
Favorite Character: Clark Kent/Superman, Man of Steel, 2013


I don’t want them to change me in there.
Turn me into some kind of monster that I’m not.

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You know, in every epic tale there’s always one person who believes in the hero first; someone who helps inspire them to greatness.

Smallville (“Fortune”)


nanowrimo manuscript. (by accentedcolours)

ollie’s endless list of favourite actors.
4.  H e n r y  C a v i l l

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Your blog has officially been signed by the famous Seaweed Brain.

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Get To Know: Clark Kent [Man of Steel]

It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all. Then… He shoots fire from the skies and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him. -Batman

↳ “A good Superman story fills you with awe. It’s the mythology of a sun god who wished he was a man because he saw something so great in us. It’s the story of a hero who could move whole worlds and see through stars and hear a whisper on the other side of the planet… who fell in love with a storyteller.”

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meanwhile in metropolis

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Jack Frost + Powers

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